How To Recognise Authentic Scarves

How to Recognise Authentic Hermés Scarves

“HERMÈS-PARIS” the second e has an accent facing downwards on top of the e, not a plain e or an è going in other direction. However there are older issues of scarves and special editions where it may be different. Therefore if you know the design and the era then you will know what logo will be on it.

The Copyright  “©HERMÈS” mark with the “C” in a circle and Hermès. The copyright will state ©Hermès. Again make sure the second e has the downward accent mark.  However up to the end of 1950’s the scarves did not have any copyright marks. Again use common sense, if a design is from an era pre 1950’s and has a copyright on it you know it is not authentic. Between 1960’s and 1980’s a circle c mark was used and it is disguised in the pattern, often hard to find then later.

Hermès Paris is almost certainly always integrated into the design, apart from some earlier ones. The hand rolled hem rolls into the brighter side and also the care label will be written in French.


To authenticate HERMÈS then go to the scarf catalogue and type in the name on your scarf to locate it



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