How To Display Scarves

There are many ways people choose to display their scarves. Some people simply wish to box them away into a cupboard, others wish to see their scarves and often use them as a decorative piece in a room. Here are some ideas for your vintage scarves.


This video of a scarf displayed is very inspiring and gives a great idea on how to frame a scarf effectively

Coat Hooks


Basically what you do with the above is buy quite a few or if you can get longer ones or smaller ones to add a bit of abstract. Then if you have a wall or areas of a wall, haphazardly screw into the wall and t hen hang scarves from them. I would go for just taking a short end and fastening at different lengths for effect. When using scarves of great colour and depth this really adds to a room and will grab attention quickly and most of all a great way for you to enjoy your scarves, to have quick access to your scarves.


Using A Curtain Rail



In this particular instance the curtain rail is used and the scarves used as a curtain. However take the idea of the curtain rail and buy different lengths then if you have a wall you can then position different rails at different points and either hang full width or tie over. Use clips at the top to hang if fully hanging as this wont harm scarves. This is also an excellent way to hang a favourite scarf in a picture hanging style without having it framed. Very effective.


Frame Scarf

frame scarf


This is a beautiful way to enjoy your scarf, however be warned in many cases of framing a scarf you will not be able to re-use as there is a technique in framing a silk scarf. Silk scarves reflect light beautifully and in a home on a wall these truly do look fantastic.





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