History Of Scarves

An important part of 20th century wardrobe used as a canvas for artists, illustrators and designers. An integral part of cultures past and present. For Europe and America in early 20th century scarves became the alternative to a hat. During rations in second world war women were advised by media to twist a scarf into a turban if their coupons had run out or didn’t extend to a new hat. 21st century brought the beautiful printed scarves as an important element of glamour. Then there is the necessity as a protective clothing to keep the hair out of the way whilst working, we have all seen the images of the women working in munitions factories during second world war which stopped their hair getting trapped in machinery. As cars popularity increased then women used scarves to protect the hair from wind and rain and it was an essential element of womens wear and a symbol of wealth particularly showcased in films with the 1950’s stars wearing the scarves.

Scarves have been used to advertise, in wars used as propoganda, in travel branded scarves of hotels and airlines and also as souvenirs from locations far and wide. Pop groups used scarves to promote themselves.

In conclusion scarves are intriguing documents of social history. Commemorate scarves of happenings, sporting events, of artists and of recording life and history of that time.


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