About Me

Hi, my name is Jenny and I am an avid vintage scarf lover and when I can afford it collector. I became interested in scarves when I was very young and gifted as a birthday present I received a Hermes scarf Etriers, I still have this scarf and its beauty has continued with age. I was intrigued by the designs, the historical value and also how each scarf in a couture house tells a story. I do wear my scarves, as a good silk scarf lasts and is very durable and also can gently be washed. I set up this blog, mainly as a reference point and to also share my knowledge. The blog is unusual as I not only delve into vintage but also how to wear your scarf, how to display your scarf and hopefully cover every angle of scarves for you.

I would like you all to share your love of scarves, post any comments or images.

Thank you

Jenny xx


I would love to hear from you.

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