Vintage Scarves – Curtains from Vintage Scarves

Buy some vintage scarves to make stunning curtains or window dressing.

If you don’t mind light coming through the windows and like the effect of light hitting and enhancing the scarf then just use silk scarves. If you want to block out the light then stitch the scarves onto fabric for a more draping effect.

Here is a hand website describing how to make the curtains.

What To Do With Scarves – Bedspread or Duvet Anyone?

I just love this idea of a bedspread. If you go to vintage shops, buy some gorgeous colours and link them together to make a bedspread or duvet. Also you can buy smaller neckerchief scarves and make runners to go across your bed.

Take a look at this site for all the instructions


Framed Vintage Scarves

Just had to share with you this site they sell already framed vintage scarves and from what I gather they also frame scarves you send to them.

Kitty Morris who frames the scarves is quite an expert. Here is a snippet from the website about her;

Kitty Morris Biography: A life in fabric

I grew up on a farm in Dorset, England, surrounded by sheep and cows. I also have strong Middle Eastern connections. My father, before he retired and took to farming, worked for Shell Oil all over the Middle East. My mother also worked there during World War II.

As a result of this, we had one of the most exotic farmhouses in the West Country, full of Persian carpets, embroideries and colourful ceramics.

As a child I always loved clothes and textiles. Having initially studied fashion, I became more and more interested in the construction of fabric. I flirted with the idea of being a tapestry weaver but ended up studying conservation.

When I finished my training I was shown a Suzani embroidery by a friend. “It’s very nice,” I said, “but very dirty!” I offered to wash it for him and my love of Islamic embroidery had begun.

Since then I have worked as a conservator, specialising in museum display.

I have contributed to major projects and exhibitions at venues and in institutions round the world. In the past few years, these have included:

Montefiore Endowment, London: vestment conservation programme

Winter Antique Show, New York

Arts of the Pacific Asia Show, San Francisco

Imperial War Museum, Lambeth, London

Sainsbury Centre, University of East Anglia, Norwich: textiles designed by Henry Moore

Emirates Palace Hotel, Abu Dhabi: A Story of Islamic Embroidery

Swarovski, London: costume collection

Keats House, London: refurbishment

Pallant House, Chichester: Henry Moore textiles

Henry Moore Foundation, Perry Green: Moore family tapestries

Colorado Springs Fine Art Centre, USA: Designing Women

Denver Art Museum, USA: Fashion Art – Ascher scarves from post-war England